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Is the Saraswati Still Flowing Underground

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What is Vastu?

What is Vastu?
Vaastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness.

Vastu Shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology, it can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong.

Vaastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the man and the material. Vaastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called "Paanchbhootas" of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.

Our sages and seers have knew the secrets of using all the five elements of this universe and their special characteristics and influences such as the magnetic field, gravitational effect etc. of Earth, the galaxy in the sky, the directions and velocity of the winds, light and heat of the SUN including the effects of its Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red rays, the volume and intensity of rainfall etc. for the advantage of the mankind in suitably planning and constructing buildings for dwelling, prayer, entertainment , education , working , production and other purposes . They evolved scientific methods and systems and confined them over the years as 'VAASTU SHASTRA'. Our sages SEARCHED it; we are only RESEARCHING it and building the concepts.

Man is the subject, object and the cause of architecture. He perceives and conceives architecture in relation to his experience of himself with the surrounding world. Through art of design, he alters and moulds the elements of natural environment. The world comprises of five basic elements, also known as the Paanchbhootas. They are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Out of the nine planets, our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements. Earth and Water have limited and localized availability for the human habitat and growth. They form apparent and fundamental choice makers in the location and the physical form of architecture and habitat. Sun, Air and Space are universally available and can be moulded to human needs by the act of design. In order to understand the act of design with these five elements, we shall have to take each one separately to appreciate their meaning, role, and workability in architecture.

(1) EARTH (Bhumi): - Earth, the third planet in order from the sun, is a big magnet with North and South poles as centers of attractions. Its magnetic field and gravitational force has telling effects on everything on the Earth, living and non-living. It is tilted by about 23 ½ degrees at the meridian. It comprises of the land structure, landform, landscape, flora and fauna. It also establishes availability of local construction materials and their workability. In India, we worship our Bhumi and give her a place of our mother.

(2) WATER (Jal): - This is represented by rain, river, sea and is in the form of liquid, solid (ice) and gas (steam, cloud). It forms part of every plant and animal. Our blood is nothing but water with hemoglobin and oxygen. The habitat and physical life are where water is present. This is true for all life forms and eco-cultures. The type, form and pattern of life also greatly depend on relationship of earth and water. If we see our history, all the cultures had developed on the bank of any water bodies, so this shows the influence of the water on our life, since ages.

(3) AIR (Vaayu): - As a life-supporting element, air is very powerful life source. Pure air with oxygen is good for brain and blood. Atmosphere of earth which is about 400 kms. , In depth, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon-di-oxide, Helium, other gases, dust particles, humidity and vapour in certain proportions. Human physical comfort values are directly and sensitively dependent on correct humidity, airflow, and temperature of air, air pressure, air composition and its content. In this aspect, air deals with the entire body surface through skin, blood system - through respiration. Air also represents the movement.

(4) FIRE (Sun): - It represents light and heat without which the life will extinct. All the days and nights, seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion, vigour is because of light and heat only. Sun is a source of mental energy too. Best minds evolve in a natural process where the sun was temperate. Not very hot, not very cold, just the right temperature of 24 degrees. The different zones with the variety of climate have distinctive culture and architecture. Sun has played an important role in development of visual qualities of architecture in terms of textures, colors and above all the expressions of vitality.

(5) SPACE (Aakash): - All the above elements are skillfully engineers towards the creation of physically comfortable, emotionally pleasant, intellectually determinant, totally vibrant and blissfully satisfying spaces for human shelter and habitat. It is unending regions remote from the earth, in which not only our solar system but the entire galaxy exists. Its effective forces are light, heat, gravitational force and waves, magnetic field and others.

The ideal habitats, cultures, architecture and life have naturally shown exhilarence where all the five elements, to support life, are abundantly available and are suitable to human growth and evolution. This is an invisible and constant relation between these elements outside and those within an individual and in his living and working places. Thus, the man can improve his conditions by properly designing his buildings by understanding the effectiveness of these five natural forces.
Vastu Advice For The Interiors Of The House
The aim of Vaastu is to make us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the magnetic fields, gravitational effects etc. of the earth, the rainfall, the galaxy and the whole of the nature and the universe and duly invoking the blessing of the Gods of the directions. So every direction signifies a particular room and if in any house the Vastu principles are not followed, that result in misfortunes and problems.

Suggestion for the design of the interiors according to vastu:

· Placement of furniture in all the rooms
· Placement of the accessories in the kitchen and bathroom.
· Suggesting the colour schemes for paints for different rooms.
· Suggesting the colours of the drapery and choice of materials for different rooms. · Suggesting the colour for the exteriors.
· Placement of invertors, washing machine, electrical items.
· Choice and placement of plants to be put in an area and plants to be avoided in the building.

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Good parents give their children roots and wings.Roots to know where home is,wings to fly away and exercise what has been taught to them.

Various disturbing and serious issues have evolved in the contemporary society of ours, which are not specific to a particular segment of the world or globe. The deterioration of values, ethics, and morality is global and not specific. Sickening of a society is an indication of sickening of the minds of its people or even vice versa. As Ayn Rand rightly writes in her novel ‘The Fountainhead’ that a man’s character is the product of his premises. It is ideas that determine social trends that create or destroy social systems. Therefore, the right ideas, the right philosophy, should be advocated and spread.
For the formation of a healthy society, two different spheres of activity had been allocated to men and women. Traditionally, women were entrusted with the work of managing the home and raising worthy and responsible children. Men were assigned the task of maintaining the family and earning. There is now a drastic change in this earlier scenario. Women are almost equally participating in the external activities and earning. This has lead to a great deal of intermingling of the two sexes. Women have become as career-minded and ambitious as men (maybe even more in some cases). Lack of employment makes her feel worthless now. To what extent this changed scenario is correct or right is another issue but what is undeniable is the fact that this trend has lead to some issues that the modern world is facing like extra-marital affairs, pre-marital affairs, adultery, physical abuse, and sexual harassment at work places, rapes, etc.
Somehow, a complex has been created in eastern people about their culture, traditions, ideology, and lifestyle. This has made them lack self-confidence and feel inferior. Westernisation (as understood by the common man) has brought diverse problems for the society, creating an imbalance somehow. It seems ridiculous that people should think that emulating the western culture and lifestyle would enhance their status and uplift them. By doing this Eastern people can be neither modern nor happy. The society may not necessarily benefit from this urge to be someone else and to live someone else’s life.
Modernization is not to be mistaken for Westernisation. Modernization is a social change and advancement in every aspect of life- social, economical, psychological, ideological, moral and spiritual. People in this part of the world are mistaking modernization for Westernisation. It is a matter of regret that we have been intoxicated and over-powered by evil, immorality, and vulgarity. We are trying to adapt the culture and values of another society, thus generating an impression of weak roots and tradition. This will uproot us, kill us, intoxicate our lives, and destroy our society. In the modern society, faith in God is weakening and the religious beliefs are losing their importance, which is a sad thing. It is rather pitiable situation that our society is being dominated by certain social evils.
Take the issue of women. Atrocities meted out to women need no introduction. Indian women, or rather Asian women have been subjected to many hardships. But in the past, even their counterparts in Athens, Rome or England were no better off. No one should suppose that the Christian heritage is free of such atrocities. It is simply a matter of time and age. Some societies develop rapidly; others take longer time due to various constraints or limitations. These are mainly monetary or economic ones. Even if our society is not an advanced one, all its members ought to try to improve it by cultivating the right ideas, values, and culture. These efforts do not call for imitating the culture of another society or in looking down upon our own. In the pursuit of false modernization, the eastern women have mixed the two concepts of economic independence and equality. These women symbolize modernity with being able to attain a job for them, as if the issue ends there only. It is absurd that women should think that employment or economic independence alone could obtain equality. Had this been the case then each workingwomen in the western as well as eastern world would cease to struggle for an equal status and be aptly called as modern in the real sense of the word. As the western culture and lifestyle are increasingly overpowering our women, they believe that their dress code and traditions are outdated and feel worthless without any employment. This feeling is wrong, for work, whether it is indoors or outdoors, can never be worthless. Managing a company or managing a home is equally respectable and challenging jobs. Both require rationality and tact. Her obsession to be like men or the western women may pave the way of her downfall.Ironic though it may be but taking a look at the western society reveals a new trend. Working mothers are now finding it difficult to manage their career as well as family life. It is believed that highly ambitious women have not been able to maintain their maternal touch and tie with their children. In fact, many have given up well-paid jobs because they feel that it is more exciting and fun to assume the role of housewives. Raising kids is a full-time job and there is nothing as noble as that. There is a growing minority who believes that their true vocation is at home. This is a reverse trend that contradicts the notion that modernity implies getting employment. Being employed in the present day world may be a part of modernity but not an essential condition. There may be some ignorance among these emulators about the crime wave that has swept the western world. Sex crimes and social evils are rampant there. Issues like drug abuse, physical violence, alcoholism, psychological disorders, accidents, prostitution, rapes, etc are common. Discipline is breaking down in their homes. Religious bindings and sanctions are fast disintegrating. Morals and ethics are vanishing. The sacred institution of marriage has weakened and holds no meaning for the people. There is increase in the divorce rates and the rate of births to unwedded mothers. Psychological disorders among the children have increased due to the breakdown of their families and loosening of the relational ties. In Germany, more than 40% of the pre-school children have single parent. There seems to be a direct relationship between an insecure family background and social problems.America today is deeply worried about its youth. Various authorities believe that they are raising spoiled, indulgent generation. There have been many incidents of violence and killings by younger generation there. In 1999, America was in the news for many sensational school killings. The social unrest in their society may be due to varying reasons such as excessive exposure to television and satellite channels, video games, broken homes, drugs, depression and psychological disorders. These are all symptoms of a disturbed population. American lifestyle is leading them to a painful living and a feeling of worthlessness. It has been reported that Americans are less inclined to get married as the institution of marriage is weakening. This issue has widespread repercussions on their society and the world at large. This adverse trend can affect the physical, emotional and economic health of all people living in the society. This is the current scenario of the much-coveted part of the globe.If we want to be modernized, then we ought to modernize our outlook, develop positive mentality and nurture great thoughts, for we can never go higher than our thoughts. There is a need to understand and respect the essence of modernization, tradition, culture, and civilization. Virtues can be imitated but the culture and roots are not to be forgotten or disrespected. Our people ought to stop imitating the west for their lifestyle and appearance but try to emulate their virtues. These, I believe, are dedication towards their goals, a professional work culture, and consideration for others, logical reasoning, and their individualism. Eastern women ought not to feel that their tradition or culture, which expects them to be modest in their conduct and appearance, is outdated. Our dress code is the most appropriate during the present times. It is always decent to dress modestly for every one- men as well as women. More than ever, a woman needs to believe that in this technical and materialistic age, there is still something simple and fundamental left in the world…there is really nothing more noble and fundamental than a modest and chaste woman. There is enough evil and unrest in our society for us to bring more. We may lose our identity and honour in the process. We need to understand the difference between the western culture and that of our own. This difference does not signify the superiority of one over the other. We ought to recognize our individuality, strength, and roots. Modernization is to be associated with high and noble thinking, scientific temperament, and technological advancement- the overall development of living and working standards. It is a matter to ponder upon that traditional values as well as modern thinking can co-exist. We need to be progressive in the right direction, broadening our outlook. A large-scale social transformation is required, primarily through modern education, political and social consciousness, economic reforms, and social uplift. For that each citizen and individual has to contribute and participate actively. Circumstances can’t be changed. But your response can be. There has to be an initiation with regards to a positive transformation of the people, leading to the uplift of the society as a whole. This initiation has to begin from the ‘self’. As Aldus Huxley said:
“There is only one corner of the Universe you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self.”
If each individual member of the society starts improving his own self by recognizing his duties, responsibilities and rights, discovering his philosophy and values, implementing his teachings and beliefs in the most dedicated, sincere and professional manner, then a social transformation in the right direction is inevitable. Modernization is to be welcomed but old beliefs and values are not to be uprooted. Otherwise, it will kill the very spirit of our culture. To quote Mahatma Gandhi,
“It is necessary to keep the windows open.It is equally necessary that we refuse to be blown off our feet.”
Why is a Terrorist Born?

I wonder what drives a person to commit such atrocious crimes. What changes the human sprit in a person and turns him into a violent terminator? Unless we look into the psychology of what makes an ordinary person into a terrorist, we would be unknowingly breeding more and more. To gain economic and political foothold the strong and rich countries have always tried to manipulate the underdeveloped countries. Technological know-how from ordinary missiles to nuclear bombs is devised in rich countries and sold over to the countries and people who need them. Most arms manufacturers are from the western countries. Earlier in the 20th century, both USA and Europe tried to get foothold into Middle East. My view is that the decisions made then had not enough foresight. Unfortunately, such shortsighted maneuvers have backfired. We know that people like Bin Laden were encouraged by the US to even out with Russia during the cold war. Surreptiously the US had always lent a helping hand to the fundamentalists and revolutionaries. When and how did the proud revolutionary morph into a hated terrorist? Unless we get to the main crux of the issue, dig out why there is so much dissatisfaction and unrest, I'm afraid terrorism might keep flourishing.I strongly feel that terrorists are not a single religion or group. They are monsters created by our actions in the past. If we don't analyze each step that we take today, we run the risk of breeding more terrorism for our future generation. I think that extreme capitalism and selfish political maneuvers don't do good to our lovely world in a long run. If we analyze the individual problems going on each part of the world, we would inevitably see oppression, confusion and discontent. The uneducated, misinformed, dissatisfied countrymen might be used as tools by the fundamentalists to achieve selfish ends. I am not saying that the west alone is responsible for this. In different parts of the world, for countless generations there have been incidences where the strong controlled and suppressed the weak and poor. When such weak people get into the hands of selfish fundamentalists, they are tutored to misinterpret the religious gospels and brainwashed into zombies, regardless of which religion they belong to.If we sow good seeds today, our future generations will reap good fruits. Instead of trying to sell materialism and arms to these poor countries and rob them more of their riches, the west should contribute some of their profits for global development. I wish that richer countries spend some of the resources to enable basic amenities and education to the underdeveloped countries. Self sufficient life, education and stable political atmosphere will surely stem down the flood of terrorism we are encountering today. It might sound very idealistic but I strongly believe that where equality prevails, peace will reign.There is nothing we humans can't achieve. May peace and happiness flourish in every nook and corner of this wonderful world